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Coaching Philosophy

Whether you recognize it or not, you are a STAR with your own unique talents and interests.  Together, we work to discover and develop your inner resources and create a business or career that capitalizes on them.  I believe that engaging your preeminent strengths and passions, combined with developing strong practices of courage and persistence, enable you to create greater economic value, make a bigger difference, and experience a lifetime of meaning and fulfillment. 






‚ÄčFrom time to time, teams benefit from the injection of new ideas and training as a way to prepare for the next phase, increase shared knowledge or improve group dynamics.  Perhaps new skills are called for.  Or alternative perspectives may free you up to create a different future.

Whatever it is, Sara listens intently for 1) who you are as a team (individually and collectively), 2) where you are currently, and 3) where you want to go.  From there, she co-designs the workshop with you...soliciting your input, offering ideas, getting feedback, and ultimately planning an agenda that fits your team right now.  She can modify a workshop that has worked with other groups (see Workshop Ideas), or create one specifically for you.

These workshops are largely experiential.  Sara tees up a few key concepts, typically at the beginning.  Then you and your team actively engage with the material and apply it to your current situation(s).  In this way, it is a true working session designed to move your team or project forward in a real and tangible manner.    


 As a coach and teacher, I offer a unique blend of "hard" and "soft" skills.  In business, I co-founded a successful finance company, was a corporate intrapreneur at HP and Kohler, did management consulting in Europe, and earned my MBA at Stanford.  On the personal development side, I am an internationally certified coach (ACC, CPCC) with a life-long interest in human growth and potential.  Using all of the above, I help my clients make successful transitions, create thriving businesses/careers, and find new happiness and engagement in the process. 


What Clients Say

"Sara helps you set up the habit of excellence and success in your professional life."

Tech Entrepreneur

"The journey to my re-constructed, re-imagined, and renewed career was made possible by my work with Sara Douglas."

IT Professional

Workshop Ideas

These workshops were developed in response to client requests and have been well-received.  They can be modified to fit your needs, or they might spark an idea for another program that would work better for you.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum its Parts:  Harnessing the Many Talents of Your Team

Do you know your natural talents (hint: most of us don't)?  Unaware, we often under utilize them and thereby miss opportunities to contribute our best to the team and organization.  At this workshop, you explore your strengths and learn those of your colleagues so that you can collaborate more effectively, produce better outcomes, and generate more satisfaction at work.  

Resolving Conflict While Building Relationship

Everyone deals with conflict in the workplace.  Rather than rely exclusively on your "go to" approaches (which typically work in some circumstances but not all), you will learn new strategies so that you can be effective in more situations, use conflict resolution to enhance relationships, and increase your confidence in dealing with colleagues and customers.

Managing Workload More Effectively

Do you and your team juggle too many balls and feel stuck?  This workshop is about rethinking the work and doing it differently.  We look at elements that you control and don't control, and what you can do about each.  We question the assumptions, look for new opportunities, and design actions that you can take immediately to start shifting the dynamic. 

Increase Engagement, and Prevent Burnout, in Yourself and Others

It can be stressful to work in today's environment of high expectations and high interaction with others.  If left unchecked, you can find yourself feeling emotionally exhausted or spent over time.  In this program, you learn about the six levers that influence your level of engagement or burnout (or anything in between).  With that understanding, you collaborate with teammates to identify common sources of stress, design ways to mitigate them, and create an atmosphere that promotes engagement for everyone.