shine brightly






Thought Entrepreneurs

Grow and/or reinvent your solo professional practice to support the work and life that you envision.  Possibly even establish yourself as an expert of national or international caliber.   

Leaders and Executives

Create better, more satisfying results and engaged teams.  Optimize your strengths, hone your relationship skills and increase your strategic and innovative focus in a way that improves your effectiveness and honors your values and authenticity.    

Professionals in Transition

Design an exit from your current position, or retire.  Pursue a next phase of life challenge that capitalizes on your strengths, gets your juices flowing, and provides the recognition, rewards and balance you seek. 

Subject Matter Experts

Increase your effectiveness and engagement as an individual contributor and/or team member.  Improve your relationship and communication skills, develop and contribute your strengths, and design your career path to align with personal and organizational goals.  


Have you achieved a certain success and know it's time to step it up?  Or do you find yourself in a new situation or opportunity that requires you to stretch? 


Are you are capable of more?  Do you wonder what's possible if you silence your inner critic and unleash your untapped potential? 


Do you have a big dream that seems daunting, yet deep down you know it's attainable with the right help and resources?


You're in the right place.  Sara helps you go from where you are now to where you want to that you shine brightly in your work and your world.